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'While you were out'

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My prints are not always editioned out at the same time and occasionally some plates will be out of stock. I am happy to prioritise which prints are at the front of my print press queue by request. Please email me directly to enquire about availability at


This print was inspired by stories my mum told me about their black Labrador ‘Don’; mum and dad were sure he would always be up to mischief when they were out. On their drive home from Inverness to Dornoch there is a hill-top view point on the route where they could see their farmhouse from miles and miles away, and they would say to each other ‘aye, Don will be up on his hind legs cooking up some sausages I'll bet!’ It was an image that really stuck in my mind from a young age! Some buyers of this print have told me that their partner is vegetarian and that they can relate to this theme - sneaking in a quick sausage while they are out!


This drypoint etching was printed by hand on a Hawthorne 405 press using archival-quality acid-free paper and the finest specialist lightfast oil-based inks. This process guarantees a long-life print that can be passed down through the generations. As each print is individually hand-printed, the print that you receive may vary very slightly from the images shown here.


This limited edition consists of 20 prints. Each print is numbered, titled, and signed by the artist in pencil.

'While you were out'

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