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If the tables were turned...

So, Ive been settling in to my home studio set up whilst Scotland undergoes its Covid 19 lockdown, and its taken a bit of time to locate a spare corner of my home, but happy that today finally settled into using it! For me it's an opportunity to think about new ways to make work as I don't have access to my print press right now - and getting back to some good ol' fashioned sketching. I have been spending a lot more time on social media - browsing some wonderful work and so much fantastic humour out there, Im really enjoying following the New Yorker cartoons. I've always loved a single caption cartoon so heres my first go at giving this sort of approach a go - just need the right kind of news story to get me inspired! Good news is worth holding on to at the moment and was so nice to hear that due to some peace and quiet from visitors these two could have a wee amorous moment together –only a mere 10 years since they first met! …If the tables were turned – you can kinda understand why…!?


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